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The First Birthday Hurdle: do you buy them a present?

So you've just started dating a potential someone special and as timing would have it, their birthday is just around the corner. This is always a little stressful, especially if your relationship and feelings are developing. No, a simple 'happy birthday' will not suffice... Read more »

love language

Love languages and compatibility

One of the more well-known psychological theories in the field of dating and relationships is called 'love languages'. It was developed by a man called Gary Chapman, who was interested in the different ways individuals prefer to be loved and supported. He came up with five specific ways that he called "love languages". Read more »


Why sending an email shouldn't be left up to the boys

"I don't want to send the first email, it's just not the right order of things...". This is something we often hear from our female members. Read more... Read more »

bio clock

Managing the biological clock

The term 'biological clock' is often a driver for a number of the female singles that come in and see me. They're in their 30's and feel an urgency to meet the right guy and settle down - as they only have a certain number of years left whereby they can biologically still have kids. Usually most women won't hear this clock ticking in their 20's but as they get into their mid 30's it will become louder and louder. Read more »


What is love at first sight?

We've all been there at some point in time. You meet someone for the first time and they make you stop in your tracks. They take your breath away and you can't get them out of your mind. It's a wonderful thing - love at first sight. Everything about them seems to click and you can't believe that finally you've found your Mr or Miss Perfect!!! But what's actually going on here? Read more »


What makes or breaks a first date

A few weeks ago, we asked you guys to tell us what makes a first date wonderful or woeful. Dating etiquette has changed dramatically in the last few years so we wanted to pinpoint what can make or break a first date... Read more »

heart val

How to survive the Valentine's weekend as a single!

Ahhh Valentine's Day , otherwise known as "International Singles Day" it becomes the one time of the year which we face with dread, yet secretly hope that maybe, just maybe a dozen red roses will appear on our desk by a mystery admirer?! Read more »

love flowers

Seize the Day this February 14

Last month, we asked you guys to share your views on Valentine's Day and we received more than 1,000 responses*. Read more »


Classic signs you're just good friends

Ever been in the situation where you think you've found your perfect match, only to find out that they see you as nothing more than `just a good friend'? Read more »

hand heart

What is it that makes someone fall in love with you?

One of the common questions that singles will often have when they're dating is "How do I get someone to fall for me?" and "What type of impression do I need to make to get them hooked?". For starters, it's important... Read more »

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