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5 key dating mistakes to avoid

Being a relationship psychologist, I get to hear all sorts of horror dating stories from my single clients. It never ceases to amaze me some of the things that some people do unknowingly that sabotages their chances of finding love. Read more »


How to boost your confidence before a date

It can be a little nerve-wracking and daunting when you meet someone online and decide to take it to the next level and meet up with them in person. Up until then, you've been able to banter by email, texts and phone calls - but now it's time for a face to face. Read more »


Ask John Q&A July: Part 2

We received a lot of questions from you guys, so this week RSVP's dating and relationship expert, John Aiken, continues to provide some answers... Read more »


Ask John Q&A July: Part 1

RSVP's dating and relationship expert, John Aiken, continues to answer your dating questions this July... Read more »

broken heart

How to get over a broken heart?

It's never pleasant to get your heart broken, but it's a part of the whole dating process. Falling in love means putting yourself out there, and that can sometimes lead to heartache along the way. But that shouldn't make you retreat to eating ice cream on the couch, watching movies every Friday and Saturday night. Rather, you have to learn how to pick yourself up after a setback and stay in the game. Read more »


How important is birth order in compatibility and relationships?

When you first meet a love interest there are many things that can affect your levels of compatibility. For instance, a difficult upbringing, a past painful break-up, over-involved parents, excessive work hours and/or toxic friends. Another element that may come into the mix is their birth order. Read more »

phone bootycall

The difference between a date follow-up call and a booty call

Dating in today's world can involve all sorts of different agendas and expectations. For instance, many singles are looking for a long-term relationship but on the other hand, there are also singles that only want to have fun and keep things causal. Read more »

break up

The gentle let down

One of the key messages I tell singles all the time is that to find the right one - you have to get good at saying 'no' to the wrong ones. However, you also need to keep in mind that when you do this, you need to be respectful and gentle with your approach.
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How to pick a kidult in a relationship

Ever been out with a person who you initially thought had great potential as a long-term partner but then they constantly let you down in the maturity department? A partner who appeared to be an adult, but actually wanted to continue to live like a child. If you have experienced this, then you've officially dated a 'kidult'.
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You had a great first date - how do you know if they're into you?

So you've woken up the next morning after having an amazing first date. You've jumped out of bed, had a shower and got dressed - all the time running over in your head everything that happened. What you did, what you talked about and what overall impression you left on them. You think that it was a hugely successful experience - but you're not 100% sure? So how do you really know if they're into you and want to see you again? Read more »

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