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Arts and Culture

Do you enjoy curling up with a good book? Checking out new bands? Wandering around galleries? Or, perhaps films are more your style? If so, this is the group for you.

Recently joined

  1. ArtisticAaron ArtisticAaron, 23, Perth City, WA
  2. Lovecamping2 Lovecamping2, 46, Bundaberg Wide Bay, QLD
  3. LeoDelNok LeoDelNok, 34, Melbourne Bayside, VIC
  4. NoTimeLikeThePresent NoTimeLikeThePresent, 47, Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW

Over 22,100 members

  • 39% Male
  • 61% Female
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Travel Bug

Is travelling your passion? Or do you prefer short mini-breaks? Whether it be in Australia or overseas, this is the group for you.

Recently joined

  1. Givingitago11 Givingitago11, 30, Geelong Surrounds, VIC
  2. Jack00007 Jack00007, 50, Perth Southern Suburbs, WA
  3. TooBusyforLove TooBusyforLove, 56, Adelaide South South Eastern Suburbs, SA
  4. Pastizzi Pastizzi, 43, St George, NSW

Over 21,900 members

  • 40% Male
  • 60% Female
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