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Success stories

Success stories

If you've found a spark on RSVP, we'd love to hear it! Please send it to us and we'll feature it below.

susan and malcom

Risk Taking and Second Chances

Today is the second anniversary of our connecting on RSVP and we've recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Read more

lydia and ben

Growing Love

After both going through difficult journeys, we found love again. Read more

aarron and rachel

Just Like a Movie

I was slowly giving up on finding 'the one', until I stumbled across this one's profile on RSVP. Read more

quinton and kelly

Happy Day's

I had been on here for a few years trying to find the girl of my dreams. Read more

wayne and deb

Hoping to Discover Love Again

Eight months ago I came on RSVP hoping to discover love again. Seven months ago I met the most amazing girl. Read more

liz and mal

No Longer Lonely

After moving here from Brazil and feeling very lonely I found RSVP. Read more

arlena and david


I was on RSVP for four days and I was browsing 48+ Ladies in Perth when I saw Arlena. Stunning! Read more

vicki and robert

I Couldn't be Happier

Best First Date Ever!
We met at a café after initial contact through RSVP. Read more

valeriya and gary

Overseas Love Story

After first contacting on RSVP we spent two hours a day on Skype. Read more

addie and pete

Online Dating, No Thanks...

I was never particularly drawn to online dating. Read more


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