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Success stories

Success stories

If you've found a spark on RSVP, we'd love to hear it! Please send it to us and we'll feature it below.

ss belinda miles

It was love at first sight for both of us!

We couldn't be happier and in a few weeks are moving in together... Read more

ss kylie and dave

Still together, still happy!

We met in 2008. David and I married in October 2013 on the anniversary of our first date, in front of an intimate gathering of family and friends, at Point Vernon overlooking Hervey Bay. Read more

ss natalie michael hanshen

I had little idea that this would be the man I was going to marry

Eleven months ago I decided to try my luck with RSVP. I was hopeful that I'd find someone as my best friend had met her beau online... Read more

ss emma nigel

We couldn't be happier!

When Emma & I met through RSVP we realised that we lived within a 3 minute walk from each other...
Read more

ss marisa and tommy

The best thing we ever did!

After chatting on RSVP and emailing for 6 weeks, we finally met for our first coffee date and there's been no looking back since! Read more

ss tabitha and graeme jp

In my heart I knew he was the one

It started off by viewing each other's profile, and when I saw his profile I knew that we were soul mates... Read more

ss sarah and adam

If it's meant to be, it will be!

I believe everything happens for a reason in life... Read more

ss adam and katt


Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be blessed enough to meet the absolute love of my life. Read more

ss kieran and kevin

Every day we spend together is better than the next!

I split with my ex after 8 years, we fell out of love and there was nothing more for us apart from friendship... Read more

ss nicole and greg

Very excited!

RSVP really did give me my happily ever after fairy tale. Read more


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