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Success stories

Success stories

If you've found a spark on RSVP, we'd love to hear it! Please send it to us and we'll feature it below.

ss darren shannan whitby

You have helped me find the love of my life

We watched movies and hung out as friends for a few months until one day, I finally realised that I had found my perfect match... Read more

ss kate and miguel

We met on RSVP in 2007 and truly fell for each other!

We just got married and couldn't be happier. Read more

ss darren leah

We have just returned from our first trip together

Leah and I met through RSVP almost 1 year ago. We had an instant connection with each other... Read more

ss chris katie

We could not be happier!

We started dating 18 months ago after meeting on RSVP... Read more

ss walt colette

We are now 4 months into a relationship!

We met through RSVP after being 'matched'... Read more

ss harry

I now have the love of my life!

We have been overseas together and although we have known each other for nearly 2 years, we are still learning about each other and growing together... Read more

ss mclaughlin evans

Who says there is no such thing as love at first sight!

This is how it has happened for us, our first coffee led to a trip to the beach where we spent a lovely day... Read more

ss lee anne

Thanks to RSVP I met the guy of my dreams

I sent this guy a kiss and a couple of hours later he replied with "I'm interested". I happened to be online at the time when he did reply, so I took the chance and sent him a chat request... Read more

ss peter and kelly taylor

We Knew we were meant to be from the first phone call!

Peter sent me a kiss in June 2012 and then the fun began! Read more

ss anita and mike pavey j

He is my best friend, partner in crime and work, my true love!

Saturday March 1st 2014 was my 10 year Wedding Anniversary to Mike. It started with a 'kiss' on RSVP... Read more


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