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  1. photo of Drew111, Male 2


    34, Male, 5'10/177 cm, Sydney City, NSW

    You never know what's out there till you bother to look

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  2. photo of TellMeYourStory, Male 5


    55, Male, 5'11/180 cm, Sydney - Eastern Suburbs, NSW

    I want to hear about you. Desires, Likes and Needs

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  3. photo of YourHalo, Female 2



    29, Female, 5'8/172 cm, Sydney - Eastern Suburbs, NSW

    I am a philanthropist and that means I love myself too!

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  4. No Photo 1



    39, Female, 5'5/165 cm, Sydney City, NSW

    I'm looking for reliable and supportive friend, who prefers to be a Man by actions to an endless speech activities.But good words of wisdom are also considered)

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  5. No Photo 4



    50, Female, 5'8/172 cm, Lake Macquarie East, NSW

    Variety is the spice of life , honesty is golden ..

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  6. No Photo 2



    29, Male, 6'3/190 cm, Sydney - Inner West, NSW

    all is fair in love and war

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  7. photo of Time9, Female 2


    59, Female, 5'2/157 cm, Sydney - Inner West, NSW

    Seek and you should find

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  8. photo of Motive8, Female


    50, Female, 5'3/160 cm, Central Coast & Surrounds, NSW


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  9. photo of charmi22, Female 4


    33, Female, 5'7/170 cm, Newcastle & Surrounds, NSW

    It's time for me to get out there and see who I can meet.

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  10. photo of Joseph101, Male 3


    55, Male, 5'3/160 cm, Sutherland, NSW

    I am a relaxed and confident person with a well rounded personality. I love life, people and the world in general. I have very little baggage and am ready to go

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  11. photo of lifesonebigadventure, Male 5


    48, Male, 6'2/188 cm, Sydney - Northern Beaches, NSW

    Dare to be surprised

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  12. photo of krezlic2000, Male 4


    33, Male, 5'11/180 cm, Sydney - Lower North Shore, NSW

    Time for something new

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  13. No Photo 5


    48, Female, 5'7/170 cm, Sydney - Lower North Shore, NSW

    Happy and healthy.

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  14. photo of Jaz75, Female


    39, Female, 5'2/157 cm, Sydney City, NSW

    Down to earth girl

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  15. photo of clovelly1960, Female


    54, Female, 5'7/170 cm, Sydney - Eastern Suburbs, NSW

    Lets start as friends

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  16. photo of fpvfordgt, Male 6


    46, Male, 6'1/185 cm, MacArthur / Camden, NSW (Campbelltown)

    Hello their :)) open this profile to find a warm, kind, generous, loving, very Affectionate, honest, and independent guy,

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  17. No Photo 1


    61, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Sydney City, NSW

    Well mannered and educated Aussie man.

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  18. photo of ForeverDreamer, Female 3


    64, Female, 5'7/170 cm, Sydney - Lower North Shore, NSW

    I am secure and happy with myself, but I would love to create some magic with someone special....I am sure you are looking for the same kind of magic!!!

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  19. photo of nihaoma, Female 4


    48, Female, 5'3/160 cm, Sydney - Eastern Suburbs, NSW

    Life is not discovery of fate; it is continuous creation of future, through choices of thoughts, feelings and actions in the present.

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  20. photo of Joey78, Male 5


    36, Male, under 5'0/152 cm, Parramatta, NSW

    I'm easy going, fun, outgoing, sociable, educated, funny and respect others.

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