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  1. photo of BruceWayne, Male



    29, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs, VIC

    Let's discover this planet and cosmos!

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  2. photo of Looking85, Male



    29, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Great Ocean Rd & Otway Ranges, VIC

    Readyfor Adventure

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  3. photo of MLK63, Male



    48, Male, 6'1/185 cm, Melbourne - Bayside, VIC

    I have a dream! You may be her, and I read a quote today which inspired me to search here!

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  4. photo of Initiate23, Male 5


    32, Male, 5'10/177 cm, Melbourne - North Eastern Suburbs, VIC (Near the yarra river)

    All men are the same . . . some of us acknowledge it and seek to change the situation.

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  5. photo of Timbo82, Male 4



    32, Male, 5'7/170 cm, Melbourne - Western Suburbs, VIC

    still thinking what to write......

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  6. No Photo 1



    22, Male, 6'2/188 cm, Melbourne City, VIC

    Metaphors are like the contents of a bull's intestine

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  7. No Photo 3



    38, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Melbourne City, VIC

    Wanted... una donna made of sugar and spice and all things nice, to tame a cheeky italian guy.

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  8. photo of Arkan, Male 4


    44, Male, over 6'3/190 cm, Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs, VIC

    My interests include photography,playing tennis, wood turning,ten pin bowling, meeting new people bike riding.Listening to extensive music collection.

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  9. photo of Petechomps, Male 6


    27, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Melbourne City, VIC

    Creative , Ambitions, Adventuress and living life to the fullest

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  10. photo of Patches20, Male 3


    20, Male, over 6'3/190 cm, Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs, VIC

    I'm quite shy so if you're interested message me first please. :)

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  11. No Photo 3


    53, Female, 5'5/165 cm, Melbourne City, VIC

    happy lily

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  12. photo of meet81, Male 4


    33, Male, 5'10/177 cm, Geelong & Surrounds, VIC

    You can stop looking yes all the kisses pls!

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  13. No Photo 1


    34, Male, 6'1/185 cm, Melbourne City, VIC

    easy going

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  14. photo of Albright, Male 6


    40, Male, 5'9/175 cm, Melbourne City, VIC

    Somebody just looking for somebody else... Creative spirit tightly bound within the confines of a stripped reality

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  15. photo of Gill12, Male


    30, Male, 5'11/180 cm, Melbourne - Western Suburbs, VIC

    looking for nice girl

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  16. photo of xena68, Female 3


    46, Female, 5'4/162 cm, Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs, VIC

    The Sunshine of Our Lives..

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  17. No Photo


    36, Male, over 6'3/190 cm, Melbourne - Northern Suburbs, VIC

    happy go lucky looking for some fun

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  18. photo of West2East, Male 2


    44, Male, 6'0/183 cm, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

    We can stay up late telling stories of travel in far away places... and in the morning I'm making waffles (well actually I'm better known for my gourmet pizzas)

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  19. No Photo 1


    27, Male, 5'9/175 cm, Melbourne - Northern Suburbs, VIC

    I'm still working on my profile. Nudge me to update it by sending a kiss message

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  20. photo of guitardave, Male 5


    37, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Melbourne - Bayside, VIC (Sth east bayside subs)

    Roses are red.. Bacon is red.. Poems are hard. Bacon.

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