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  1. No Photo 1


    61, Female, 5'2/157 cm, Perth, WA

    Life is great with patience, humour and a positive outlook.

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  2. photo of spartian69, Male 3


    40, Male, 5'10/177 cm, Sydney - City, NSW

    life is too short

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  3. photo of Asgurdianwoman, Female 5


    39, Female, 6'1/185 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    Hey there :-) come on by and say hello I might be the one you have been looking for :-)

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  4. photo of gidget22, Female 6


    48, Female, 5'7/170 cm, Sydney - North, NSW

    seems like i need an air brushed half naked glamour shot here...sorry just me

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  5. photo of Ange987, Female 5


    34, Female, 5'10/177 cm, Sydney - North, NSW (Manly)

    Friendly, fun and always up for an adventure ...

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  6. No Photo 1


    21, Male, over 6'3/190 cm, North Coast, NSW

    Hi im Marc I came here looking for love

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  7. photo of Jdv88, Male 3


    25, Male, 5'11/180 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    I have your glass slipper...

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  8. photo of Ntombenhle, Female 2



    28, Female, 5'3/160 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    I'm still working on my profile. Nudge me to update it by sending a kiss message

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  9. No Photo 2



    36, Male, 6'0/183 cm, South - West Region (eg. Wagga Wagga), NSW


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  10. photo of greenbay77, Male 5


    36, Male, 6'2/188 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    You like what see on the outside, now read about what's on the inside

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  11. photo of H1M4N5HU, Male 5


    37, Male, 5'9/175 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    Hi there!

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  12. photo of ACER264, Male 2


    56, Male, 6'0/183 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    Life's too short and there's a bit of catching up to do! On a new venture and moved to another Brisbane suburb and looking around for that someone special.

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  13. photo of ActiveGirl007, Female 5


    47, Female, 5'5/165 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    Fit and active girl seeks fit and active guy

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  14. photo of PazzaDiTe, Female 6


    40, Female, 5'5/165 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC (North East)

    Chivalry...bravery, honour and gallantry!!!

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  15. No Photo 1


    50, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Sydney - West, NSW (Hills District)

    DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS PHOTO! I really am tall,dark and handsome - not a reject from the Mormons as it may appear.(Apologies to the Mormons)

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  16. photo of Eevie, Female 3


    27, Female, 5'3/160 cm, Sydney - City, NSW

    Designer from Sydney

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  17. photo of Feminineheart, Female


    40, Female, 5'3/160 cm, Sydney - North, NSW

    Lens of beauty, grace and interconnectedness

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  18. No Photo 1


    33, Male, 6'2/188 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    Better than your ex.

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  19. photo of brisc88, Male 5


    26, Male, 5'6/167 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    Brisbane's biggest Sydney Roosters fan.. Happy to meet anyone who wants to prove me wrong ;)

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  20. photo of Goldy00, Male 5


    36, Male, 6'0/183 cm, Adelaide, SA

    x live learn love ;)

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