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  1. photo of Ren33, Female 3



    32, Female, 5'5/165 cm, Sydney - City, NSW

    Just because...!

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  2. photo of Angel1111, Female



    43, Female, 5'7/170 cm, Sydney - City, NSW

    Intelligent Genuine Girl looking for a committed relationship!

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  3. No Photo



    31, Female, 5'2/157 cm, Perth, WA

    Enjoy life!

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  4. photo of wuzza, Female 9


    53, Female, 5'7/170 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    Hello everybody. We all have a story. I hope yours has a happy ending. xx

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  5. photo of Burno, Male 4


    41, Male, 6'2/188 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    Lets do this !!

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  6. No Photo 1



    49, Female, 5'1/154 cm, Perth, WA

    The right choice is everything

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  7. photo of Skymax, Male 5


    40, Male, 6'0/183 cm, Sydney - North, NSW

    Hello out there. Bet I can make you laugh.

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  8. photo of LauncestonTasK, Male


    53, Male, 6'3/190 cm, Launceston, TAS

    Animal lover and lover of life.

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  9. photo of GongGuy, Male 6


    57, Male, 5'10/177 cm, Wollongong, NSW (Gwynneville)

    Free to the right person. One "Garth" well balanced single male. Likes to live,laugh,love and let loose.

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  10. photo of JoeyJoeJoe82, Male 2


    31, Male, 6'0/183 cm, Sydney - East, NSW

    There's a man drought???

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  11. photo of tallfriend, Male


    46, Male, over 6'3/190 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    Outdoors guy who likes to explore places and meet new people..

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  12. photo of Kaeckerut, Male


    25, Male, 6'0/183 cm, ACT

    Nudge me if you want to chat.

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  13. photo of Santos, Male 2


    32, Male, 5'10/177 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    Good Will Hunting...

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  14. photo of jetski100, Male


    55, Male, 6'0/183 cm, Adelaide, SA

    Single active intelligent man looking for that someone special.

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  15. photo of samy2134, Male


    50, Male, 6'0/183 cm, Sydney - West, NSW

    A friendly single gentleman in Sydney

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  16. photo of joshua1111, Male


    52, Male, 5'6/167 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    creative scientific

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  17. No Photo 1


    47, Male, 5'10/177 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    Fun, caring, considerate, kind, healthy... If they're some of the things that are important to you, then we'll get on just fine...

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  18. photo of Sunnymelbourne9, Male 2


    27, Male, 5'8/172 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    simple fun loving guy...

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  19. photo of Justanotherfella, Male 6


    28, Male, 5'5/165 cm, Brisbane, QLD

    You should consider going on a date with a bearded man!

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  20. photo of Stan1977, Male 6


    36, Male, 5'11/180 cm, Melbourne - City, VIC

    Reliable, Creative and fun.

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