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What's new on RSVP

Check out our new mobile app today!


We're excited to introduce our latest RSVP mobile app. With a fresh, modern and easy to use new design, dating on the go with RSVP is now faster and more enjoyable than ever before! The new design has been developed based on feedback from you, our members, and we hope that you will take the time to try it out or download from the iTunes store (available in Google play soon).

You will now enjoy the following stand out features (plus many more!):

  • Faster and more reliable overall experience
  • Live chat & instant notifications - you can now chat in real time with other online members
  • A new approach to viewing and replying to profiles
  • Redesigned photo management section, providing easier uploading, importing, editing and ordering of photos
  • Larger and better quality photos in the gallery section
  • Easy to navigate mailbox, with a new "Mutual Interest" filter for organising conversations

Changes to Gmail

gmail logo Gmail has added a new feature called 'Tabs' to your inbox. This feature is designed to make your inbox easier to manage by using different tabs (folders) to automatically organise your incoming mail into categories. As a result you may have noticed you're not receiving some of your RSVP emails into your primary inbox.

The easiest way to move emails from RSVP back into your inbox is to left-click and hold on the email, then drag from the new tab over to the primary inbox. Releasing the mouse drops the email into the primary inbox. Once dropped, Gmail displays a yellow box asking if you want to make this change permanent. Click 'Yes' to ensure that all messages with the same RSVP 'from address' will appear in your primary inbox going forward.

Improvements to Chat

chatWe're excited to introduce to you our new look chat and notifications. In response to your feedback we've given our chat a facelift and fixed a number of glitches, to improve your chat experience.

Chat box - what's new?
If someone sends you a message whilst you're online, it will now appear in a window in the bottom right corner of the screen, allowing you to chat whilst continuing to browse the site.

Plus, if someone sends you a chat message when you're not online, you won't miss out, as all messages are saved in your mailbox and contact history, just like emails. However, please remember that sending a chat message works just like an email message and will use one Stamp if it's the first time you have contacted that member.

Not feeling chatty?
If another member sends you a chat and you're busy or not interested, you don't have to enter into a conversation right then. You can either send them a polite message back (it's free to respond), or choose to appear offline so that it's clear you're not available to chat. Whilst you appear offline you can still start or participate in chats with other members if you choose.

By the way...
You will also notice we have moved the notifications bar to the top of the page and added some handy new features.

notifications bar

1. View new messages from other members here.
2. RSVP alerts (e.g. profile views, RSVP messages, read receipts) are shown here.
3. View who's online right now and available to chat. Includes your contacts, plus other members you may be interested in.
4. You can mute the audio alert for notifications here.

If you need further information or help visit our FAQ page.

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