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10 years married

jpgI would like to thank RSVP because my wife Angela and I as we are about to reach our 10th wedding anniversary.

I was a RSVP sceptic at first however when I was finally talked into posting on RSVP I never looked back.

I had been divorced for 2 years at the time and found it hard to talk to people or go out alone. I had been married for 20 years and never went anywhere alone so dating was difficult. RSVP made it so easy and safe.

After talking to Ange we quickly realized that we actually went to school together (she doesn┬┐t remember me) in a small town not far away and I was in the same class as her younger sister, small world.

Angela inherited 4 step children and now 6 grand kids and she wanted to be called NANGE (nana Ange) I only inherited 2 step children. I think I got the better end of the deal, ha ha

We are off to New Zealand for 3 weeks to celebrate in April.
Thank you very much RSVP