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Is it OK to be dating more than one person?

One of the many advantages of going online to find love is that you have the opportunity to meet a large number of like-minded singles. Rather than wandering around from bar to bar trying to strike up a conversation with a potential love interest - you can hit the net and connect with a number of singles. But with this choice and flexibility comes a question... Read more »

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Top 6 ways to protect yourself online

As part of RSVP's ongoing initiatives to help educate our members about protecting your personal information and cyber security, we've partnered with the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce to promote the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's 2015 National Fraud Week campaign, running from 18 to 24 May. Read more »

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TOP 5 ways to Get Lucky

To celebrate the release of their saucy, sexy new dating book, Get Lucky, Reality Chick advice columnists Rachel Smith and Pip Harry share their top 5 ways to, er, get lucky. Read more »

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Are men still expected to chase in courtship?

RSVP recently surveyed more than 1,200 members about gender roles in dating and the results show that 82% of single women and 69% of single men like to be pursued by the other person when dating. Read more »

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7 signs that it's right

In the world of online dating, you're going to get the opportunity to meet a variety of different singles. That's one of the great advantages of using this type of dating approach - there are huge numbers of like-minded singles out there online and... Read more »


7 tips for meeting their friends

One of the key moments in the dating process is when you have to step out and meet your new love interest's friends for the first time. It may happen on the first date or it could be an event that is organised after several weeks of intensive dating. Whenever it occurs make no mistake - it's vital that you take this seriously and make a great first impression. Read more »

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Trusting your judgment in dating - It's not just about whether they like you but if you like them

There are lots of ways to weigh up if your new love interest has long-term potential. It might be how well they get on with your friends, do you have the same relationship expectations, is there a physical chemistry, do they have too much past baggage, and/or are they really into you? Read more »


Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

It's an age-old question that I've heard many different positions on, can men and women just be friends? Read more »


Ask John Q&A March 2015

For this Q&A with John Aiken, we're focusing on men. So we invited our male members to send in their dating and relationship questions. As always, there were lots of interesting issues raised... Read more »

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Tips for late bloomers in love...

For many of us, we leap into the world of dating when we hit the teenage years and start to learn the do's and don'ts of the process. You get your heart broken along the way several times and you... Read more »

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