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47, Male, Single, Sydney - Northern Suburbs, NSW

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About me - headline

Vocalist, DJ, MC, sound guy, dancer, martial artist, food p0rn0grapher, grizzled financial services /customer service veteran...

About me - description

Oh well...I guess I used to be a hapless romantic, & REALLY, despite my better judgement, I guess I still am! Only problem is that to this point I seem to be a magnet for princesses, drama queens, attention seekers & the self-absorbed!!!

The above types don't really bode well for the long term, so I guess if that's what I attract then I better put myself up to more possibilites!!! =P So here goes nothing...hopefully my fortunes change!!! =)

Ever since I've been I was a child, music has been an important influence in my life; firstly starting off as a dancer, then a club and radio DJ, and now a vocalist / singer. It has also gotten me through some of toughest and must tumultuous times of my life, so in essence it has, at different times, been an inspiration, a comfort, an outlet, a saviour, an escape and a profession to me...

Being an only child from parents who were constantly working or away, I pretty much raised I can't really say that there was any one person that inspired me. Instead I tried to model myself on what I would look for in a person I respected, so more of my values, beliefs & attitudes stem from what I would've liked to have had in a family rather than what I may have seen or observed from others.

Currently running my own entertainment business whilst also doing work helping young people get trade qualified on behalf of the government during the week...

You should message me if:

You want to be serenaded =P

You want to have fun!!! =)

You are after a real relationship and are not afraid to express love, care & least in private if not publicly...and are willing to make an effort cooperatively for the long term...

At a glance

his details

  • 47 years old
  • Male
  • Sydney - Northern Suburbs, NSW
  • Single
  • Australian
  • Asian
  • Have no children at home - 2 children aged 17 to 21 yo
  • Want children
  • Personality - Social
  • Star sign - Virgo
  • 5'10/177 cm
  • Body Type - Athletic
  • Eye colour - Brown
  • Hair colour - Black
  • Education - Degree
  • Arts / Entertainment / Sport / Recreation
  • Business Owner
  • Non-smoker
  • Non-drinker
  • No special diet
  • Agnostic
  • Swinging voter
  • Like pets but do not have any

his ideal partner

  • 18 - 42 years old
  • Female
  • Within 500km
  • Single
  • Asian
  • Sometimes have children at home, Have children at home, Have no children at home, Have no children
  • Want children, Don't want children, Possibly want children
  • Body Type - Athletic, Average, Slim, A bit overweight
  • Trying to quit smoking, Occasional/social smoker, Non-smoker
  • Occasional/social drinker, Non-drinker

What I'm looking for

That intangible connection that is hard to explain or quantify in words, but is just felt. Someone who in effect is my best friend...the person who I most want to be around & spend time with, & who I most want to tell all my thoughts, hopes & concerns to; and who would see me in the same light...

My interests

Asian music - from Canto-pop to K-Pop/J-Pop...used to present an Asian Music radio show here in Sydney; Hip Hop, R&B, Rock...anything Ipod's contents are eclectic!!!
Normally I'm into non-fiction...mainly historical texts, biographies, investigative exposes & compilations of amusing anecdotes. I've been building up my martial arts library...just an extension of my lifelong interest in the physical, mental/spiritual & disciplinary/motivational aspects of them...
Movies & TV
I'm Asia-centric!!! Just love my Asian Cinema, especially Hong Kong/ Japanese/Korean Action/Drama/Sci Fi... Anime is a guilty pleasue!!! I must admit a weakness for crappy Hollywood action. Favourites include - Armageddon, Kingsman - the Secret Service, The Avengers, Battle Royale, Shadowless Sword
Martial Arts (Filipino styles - Bakbakan/Arnis/Escrima/Kali, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Boran, Krav Maga & Freestyle/Greco-Roman Wrestling), Dragonboat racing, Basketball, Volleyball, Motor Racing
Other Interests
Singing...I'm a semi-professional singer and founder of Sydney's own "Karaoke Mafia"...if there's prize money to be won...we'll be there!!!; Dancing - Hip Hop & B-boying ("Breakdancing" as others call it), DJ'ing/Turntablism/Music Production, Graphic Design, Street Art