• Use Strong Passwords: Create a unique and robust password for your RSVP account. A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols adds complexity, making it harder for others to guess or crack your password. Regularly updating your password further enhances security.

  • Beware of Scammers: Learn to recognise suspicious behaviour. If someone asks for personal or financial information, report it to our support team. Be cautious with unsolicited requests or offers that seem too good to be true. Your vigilance helps us maintain a safe community.

  • Keep Personal Info Private: Never share financial or overly personal information. Use our platform's messaging system to communicate until you're ready to share more. This approach ensures that your personal details remain protected, allowing you to control the pace of disclosure.

  • Utilise Our Safety Features: Explore our premium privacy settings and secure messaging to maintain your online safety. These features are designed to give you control over who sees your profile and how you communicate, providing a secure environment for building connections.

  • Secure Your Device: Keep your device's security software up to date. Regular updates ensure that you have the latest protection against potential threats. Consider using a reputable antivirus program and keeping your operating system updated to fend off malware and other risks.

  • Prioritise Security: Take your time and don't rush into offline meetings. Only share personal details when you feel comfortable. Utilise our secure messaging system for communication to maintain privacy.

  • Take Your Time Online: Don't rush from online communication to face-to-face meetings. Take your time getting to know someone, asking questions, and ensuring your comfort level before meeting in person.

  • Chat on the Phone: Before meeting in person, have a conversation on the phone using mobile numbers instead of home or work numbers.

  • Video Chat: Before meeting face-to-face, initiate a video call to ensure the person matches their profile picture.

  • Choose Public Places: For initial meetings, opt for public places where others are around. This ensures you're in a safe environment to focus on getting to know your date.

  • Age Consideration: Pay attention to the age of the member. If they seem much younger or don't meet your specified age preferences, be cautious as it may raise suspicion.

  • Location Changes: If the other person suddenly changes the meeting place to an unfamiliar location, cancel and reschedule.

  • Financial Assistance: Never send money or offer financial assistance to someone you've recently met, even in emergencies or promises of repayment. If someone requests financial help, contact our support team immediately at support@rsvp.com.au.

  • Share Meeting Details: Always inform someone else about your meeting and its location. Consider asking a friend to provide transportation for your initial dates.

  • Trust Your Instincts: If something feels wrong during the date, don't ignore your instincts. Leave the situation if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  • Arrange Check-ins: Arrange with a friend to check in by phone during the date to ensure you're okay.

  • Avoid Oversharing: Refrain from revealing too many personal details early on. Get to know the person better before sharing sensitive information.

  • Use a Pseudonym: For added security, avoid using your real name and limit the amount of personal information shared online until you feel comfortable.

  • Report Suspicious Behaviour: If you encounter suspicious profiles, requests, or behaviours, report them to our Customer Support team at support@rsvp.com.au.

  • No Obligation to Meet: Remember, you're not obligated to meet anyone, so don't feel pressured. Ask questions via email and take your time to feel comfortable before sharing contact information.

  • Be Cautious of Declarations of Love: Be cautious if someone declares their love within a short time or sends overly romantic emails. Use your judgment and seek a friend's opinion if unsure.

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